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Project Knowledge Transfer Best Practices between APEC Economies

The Knowledge Transfer best practices between APEC Economies, (Lima, Peru) aims to create a space for policy makers, scientists, academics and private sector representatives, to interact and share information and experiences in order to implement effective mechanisms to encourage Knowledge Transfer.

The project aims to organize a three-day workshop in Lima City, encouraging dialogue with a cross-cutting nature as it will help to continue PPSTI’s work flow to support Leaders’ commitment on sharing knowledge and transferring it along the region.

The main objectives of this workshop are:

  1. To develop a mechanism to share information and best practices on policy strategies, actions and joint activities between the APEC economies in the use of the Knowledge Transfer approach, as a tool to foster economic growth. 
  2. To develop a set of recommendations for policy-makers of APEC economies, and to encourage the enhancement of the implementation of Knowledge Transfer initiatives, based on the bench mark process that will be carried out during the workshop. 
  3. To encourage strong and long-lasting collaborations between APEC economies, in order to address common problems that are faced on the region.




The National Council of Science, Technology and Innovation (CONCYTEC due to its acronym in Spanish), is the Peruvian governing institution of the Science and Technology and Technological Innovation System, which is composed by the Academy, the State Research Institutes, business organizations, communities and civil society. 

The Sub Directorate of Innovation and Technology Transfer is the responsible for designing policies, plans and programs on innovation and technology transfer. Some of its functions are: 

  • Formulate and manage the special programs of CTI oriented to the promotion of innovation and technology transfer projects, in coordination with the sectors and instances that may be necessary;
  • Propose the allocation of available resources and the incentive regime in innovation and technology transfer, according to the Law, within the framework of their competences; 
  • Design, define and promote policies on technology transfer, in coordination with the sectors and instances that may be necessary. 

Contact Info: Ana Gabriela Sobarzo Arteaga
Sub direction of Innovation and Technological Transfer 
Tel: + 51-1-399-0030

Contact Info: Astrid Hassel Criales Johnson
Specialist in Technological Innovation Projects 

+ 51-1-399-0030



The National Council on Science and Technology of Mexico (CONACYT, for its acronym in Spanish) is a public and decentralized organism of the Public Federal Administration dedicated to promote the development of science and technology. It is the body responsible to implement and to elaborate public policies on behalf of the Federal Government, to promote scientific and technological research, innovation and technological development by working alongside the public, private, social and academic sectors. Some of its main goals and functions are:

  • To formulate and introduce to the national government high quality policies and strategies of science, technology and innovation.
  • To promote research cooperation to both strengthen and to expand opportunities in collaboration and sharing of knowledge at an international level.

Contact Info:      Gloria L. Valencia Mejia
International Cooperation Office
T: 5322-7700    Ext. 1754