Welcome to The Knowledge Transfer Project

The Knowledge Transfer best practices between APEC Economies, (Lima, Peru) aims to create a space for policy makers, scientists, academics and private sector representatives, to interact and share information and experiences in order to implement effective mechanisms to encourage Knowledge Transfer.

The project aims to organize a three-day workshop in Lima City, encouraging dialogue with a cross-cutting nature as it will help to continue PPSTI’s work flow to support Leaders’ commitment on sharing knowledge and transferring it along the region.

The main objectives of this workshop are:

  1. To develop a mechanism to share information and best practices on policy strategies, actions and joint activities between the APEC economies in the use of the Knowledge Transfer approach, as a tool to foster economic growth. 
  2. To develop a set of recommendations for policy-makers of APEC economies, and to encourage the enhancement of the implementation of Knowledge Transfer initiatives, based on the bench mark process that will be carried out during the workshop. 
  3. To encourage strong and long-lasting collaborations between APEC economies, in order to address common problems that are faced on the region.